Site Coordinators

Site coordinators are a vital part of how eDGH delivers our online courses to participants around the world. The pages listed below include information about the site registration process for new and returning site coordinators, the site coordinator role, important site-related timelines, and eDGH’s Certified Partner Program, an enhanced partnership track for experienced site coordinators.

Register a Site
Learn how and when to register a site and what’s involved in being an eDGH site coordinator or facilitator.

Being a Site Coordinator
Learn more about a site coordinator’s responsibilities.

Site Coordinator FAQ
Read answers to frequently asked questions about hosting a site.

Site Registration Process and Timelines (by course)
Find a course-by-course listing of eDGH’s site registration process and timelines.

eDGH Partnership Program
Find out more about becoming an eDGH Certified Partner, a unique training and collaboration opportunity for returning site coordinators who want to formalize their partnership with eDGH. Learn about the guidelines, benefits, and how to apply. View our growing list of eDGH Certified Partners.